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Marcella’s Musings

an original tbc Marcella Andre

Marcella Andre is a remarkable and multi-talented individual whose abilities and accomplishments knows no bounds. They run the gamut from arts to media to acting to speaking French so fluently I am not ashamed to say that I am jealous. She is passionate, beautiful and deep and it is a true honor to feature her writings and musings in this corner. She is also one of the first women in my life who really traveled as a hobby; not just taking a trip from one land mass to the next but her soul is always actively on a journey, traveling leaps and bounds in moments and so for me she is truly an original traveling black chick

Her first entry is called ‘Ode to Haiti. Ayiti, mwe renmenw anpil. Marcella and 4 other women who dubbed themselves The Fearless 5 went on what turned out to be a very revealing trip to Haiti, during that country’s recent ‘Democratic’ elections in March 2011. Much of their experiences and thoughts are revealed on Echo Haiti, their Facebook group page dedicated to that trip. However I was moved and touched by her Ode to a country that many of us do not think about unless there is crises, but whom we owe our utmost respect to its people for their fight in the face of unending economic, natural and financial turmoil. So here in what we hope to be the first in many posts is the first of ‘Marcella’s Musings’.

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