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So you’ve been on a great adventure…or you’ve learned a great life lesson or you’ve survived a challenging or beautiful moment in your life. If you’ve moved from one place of understanding in your life to another we would love if you shared it with us and our audience.

Submit your photos, stories, vlogs, lessons learned, thoughts and musings  to travelingblackchicks@gmail.com and we will be thrilled to share them

The stories are yours…you get full credit. We do not edit content except for grammatical errors. We prefer content with little or no profanity although a few intelligently placed cuss words ain’t never hurt no body.

Our Motto is Seeing the World. Being The Change. to that end The Black Chick Group and the travelin’ black chick blog will reject any content that discriminates against anyone based on gender, race, sexuality, religion, place of origin, political affiliations or any other perceived difference. We shall not post any derogatory or intolerant content.

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not directly reflect the view of The Black Chick Group, creators and owners of the travelinblackchick blog

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