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The ROM attempts to dive back Into the Heart OF AFRICA… 25 years later

25 years ago neither Canada or the Royal Ontario Museum (the ROM) were thoughts on my mind. I was still in high school on a beautiful hot island in the Caribbean, weaving my way through teenage angst and crashing head first into first loves and hormonal changes. 25 years ago however, in the largest city […]

AMANDLA! NGAWETHU! – Thank You Madiba!

My first conscious awareness of South Africa is the strong thrust of a fist pumped into the air accompanied by a passionate shout of the word AMANDLA! Followed by a sonorously loud and equally passionate response from large and swarming crowds screaming ‘NGAWETHU!’ I did not know what those words meant at the time when […]

Journey to Kilimanjaro- The Invitation to a Wedding!

It was a most unbelievably pleasant and unexpected surprise when earlier in the year I received an invitation to the wedding of one of my cousins! As weddings go I don’t mind them, I always love seeing folks profess undying love for each other and I hope along with them that it will indeed last […]

A Mountain of a Challenge to Face Myself

We are coming to the end of 2013, I am not yet ready to give an assessment of the year because there is still time to dig a little deeper. I discovered a lot about me in what has gone of the year thus far and as usual though my thoughts and musings did not […]

Bridges to Kilimanjaro-

Since deciding to take on Kilimanjaro I have read quite a bit on what should be done in advance to getting there. One of the biggest doubts that tend to plague me about this journey is whether I will have the endurance and the stamina to do the climb. Having read a few blogs and […]

From Slaveships to Relationships- Narratives of Healing

We are excited about the conversations this film will open up. Learn more about this much needed documentary film below and support if you can! About From Slaveships to Relationships: Narratives of Healing The African Holocaust and its ongoing ramifications has destroyed/destroys much of the collective memory of African descendents across the world. Two independent Filmmakers/Activists […]

Official Screening Poster for MOTHERLAND! Join Us