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To whom does black lives matter

When this slogan, affirmation, demand, chant first came out in the wake of the Michael Brown murder i was averse to it. I thought but to whom are we saying this? Why do we need to tell them black lives matter…i felt as though by stating this we were asking for them to see us […]

President Obama and Trayvon Martin- Ain’t too far removed…

Is there any real surprise that Trayvon Martin’s killer is still allowed to wander the streets? That he was not even arrested if only for the fact that he killed someone after being told not to approach by the 911 dispatcher? I mean seriously folks can we take a moment to consider that the man […]

Fashionably Wandering through Black History…

As the month of February approaches people of African Heritage in North America and Canada, seek out opportunities to connect with and celebrate their historical past. While there is much debate about the need or relevance of Black History Month, one hopes that during this time, true meaningful reflection is happening. That those of us […]