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Toronto are you ready for Obeah Opera? We are very excited about this musical!  Not only because of the remarkable people behind the show, but we just LOVE that a story on OBEAH is being presented on the stage in this manner. It’s not because we have a particular fascination or obsession with Obeah, but […]

A Traveling Black Chick’s Beef with Black History Month!

Not to be contrary but I have always wondered about the validity of Black History Month and frankly it’s effectiveness. When I first decided to do a major event in the city of Toronto the popular thought was to do it during black history month because that is when  most people (black folk included) were […]

Fashionably Wandering through Black History…

As the month of February approaches people of African Heritage in North America and Canada, seek out opportunities to connect with and celebrate their historical past. While there is much debate about the need or relevance of Black History Month, one hopes that during this time, true meaningful reflection is happening. That those of us […]