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President Obama and Trayvon Martin- Ain’t too far removed…

Is there any real surprise that Trayvon Martin’s killer is still allowed to wander the streets? That he was not even arrested if only for the fact that he killed someone after being told not to approach by the 911 dispatcher? I mean seriously folks can we take a moment to consider that the man […]

From Slaveships to Relationships- Narratives of Healing

We are excited about the conversations this film will open up. Learn more about this much needed documentary film below and support if you can! About From Slaveships to Relationships: Narratives of Healing The African Holocaust and its ongoing ramifications has destroyed/destroys much of the collective memory of African descendents across the world. Two independent Filmmakers/Activists […]

A Traveling Black Chick’s Beef with Black History Month!

Not to be contrary but I have always wondered about the validity of Black History Month and frankly it’s effectiveness. When I first decided to do a major event in the city of Toronto the popular thought was to do it during black history month because that is when  most people (black folk included) were […]