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TBC Events

We are very excited to announce upcoming Live events being presented by Black Chick Group Media Entertainment and the Traveling Black Chicks! 1st on the docket the Traveling Black Chicks discovers the world through film. As you should know by now, the Traveling Black Chicks believe strongly in the premise that a journey is not only defined as one taken using a train, plane or automobile. We firmly believe that there are many paths to discovery. That is why we have decided to travel the world using film as our transport. Traveling Black Chicks Journeys in Film takes you on an exciting adventure across the globe exploring culture, language and art through the stories, eyes and lives of the people who live it. We want to get intimate with the globe and we feel there is no easier way to do it than through film.

Join us for a Sneak Peek!

So Join us won’t you? and let us travel the globe together, the trip is complete with popcorn and drinks for your viewing pleasure! Our first line up of films dubbed Africa @ The Underground. In honor of the fact that TBC contributor Special K will actually be heading to the continent soon and we are not able to go with; we figured why not journey with her through some of the best films coming from the Continent.

Beginning in September the Traveling Black Chicks will journey through Africa, featuring a wonderful line up of films and Documentaries on one of our truly favorite places in the world. Join the Traveling Black Chicks as we showcase a diverse and sometimes controversial line up of films that explore the human condition from a strictly African Context. The films are for the most part written, directed and produced by African Artists. We will feature some classical well-known films, little known gems, Nollywood films, documentaries, comedies, shorts and anything we can put our hands on. We are definitely looking forward to getting intimate with Africa and we hope you will join us on this remarkable journey…

Traveling Black Chick’s Africa @ The Underground – Film Series begins officially on Novemeber 2nd, 2011, 2011 @ the Underground Theatre: 186 Spadina Ave. in Toronto.

Africa @ The Underground will showcase films every other Wednesday, Price: $8.00 per viewing.

Check in with the TBC Blog for Screening times, pics and updates!

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