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About Us

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the home of the Traveling Black Chicks.

The short story

We hope to encourage a whole sisterhood of women to move beyond their immediate boundaries and explore the world within and without. We are quite excited about this undertaking and this blog has been a long time coming. The idea came about a few years ago when 4 friends were sitting in a living room plotting their escape from the city which has been home for a lot of their lives. It was a yearning for something new and different a need to move from the same space and being. The idea took shape in some form then, but did not fully materialize; everything seemed so overwhelming, bigger, more expensive than we could all afford at the time. However here we are a few years later determined to make the ‘Traveling Black Chicks a reality because we truly believe in the concept.


The focus is simple, black chicks travel, they tell their stories and in the process positively impact their lives and those they come in touch with along their journeys. We believe that there are all kinds of journeys and are not simply looking for the ones taken by trains, planes or automobiles. We believe those internal silent ones can have just as much impact on lives and can enforce change even more powerful than the others.

Why ‘black chicks’…

Our stories are unique, our experiences can be somewhat different (One can’t really forget Oprah’s experience in Paris). More than just telling the stories we want to talk about the experiences good or bad of being a black chick traveling the world and making things happen. There are so many of us and so few of our stories told. .


All stories are written by the ‘chicks’ personally and are not edited except for grammar. All pics, videos and media are the sole property of the writer who has submitted and can not be used without their expressed permission.

Ready for Take of!

We are thoroughly excited to start this journey and look forward to all the possibilities that will unfold.So welcome and make sure you fasten your seat belts before you click on one of our stories!

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